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With new articles every day, “Teaching PR” is a blog which remains active all the time thanks to the constant feedback of all the beloved readers, who in a way maintain this blog alive. Our sole purpose is to teach, and having years of experience, we have achieved that goal. That’s why the next goal in mind to “Teaching PR” is to be the lead blog in marketing and business.

To reach that goal, we need all the help we can get, from our readers. That’s why we encourage all the readers who wish to donate, to do so by communicating with us using the contact information.

And, we also invite all funding sources out there to negotiate a deal with us, where you can run all kinds of advisement on “Teaching PR”. And since we are a site which regularly gets a considerable number of visitors, you can benefit from this, so contact us for further information.

Our vision to provide information to all our readers has been achieved thanks to our interest to educate all the people who want to know more about marketing and business in general. Thanks to your preference we’ve come very far, but there’s still a long road to walk, so let’s get “Teaching PR” to the place it belongs.