7 Higher Education Marketing Strategies you’ll get to see in 2018

Higher education nowadays can be a luxury to some at some point. On one hand, one gets to study a lot more to later be more efficient in a specific field of work, but on the other hand, one truly needs to spend a lot of money to be there. Having said that, higher education marketing strategies need to focus not only in teaching but to gain attention. We are in 2018 and these are 7 higher education marking strategies you will be seeing this year.

Social Influencers

Social media can distract you from time to time, but also, it can be really helpful. For instance, by having those students with many followers sharing their classes/experiences over the Internet can gain attention from students who want to enroll in.


Videos in classes do not need to be always YouTube ones. To promote one’s school by shorts but relevant videos is the key to gain attention within hours. Imagine students on a video inviting you to enroll in, how awesome is that? There should be something great about that school.

User-Generated Content

For many years, one’s own business has been shared on the Internet by just one person. This is going to end in 2018. Students, teachers and many more from schools are going to put their schools on the radar by sharing their selfies, classes’ photos and more.

Campaigns via Social Media

Ever seen schools doing propaganda on the streets? Of course you have, but have you seen them on social media? Prepare for some semi spam from schools all over your social networks. What’s better way to way to catch people’s attention than by placing your product where they spent most of their days in?

Augmented Reality

Not related to Pokemon Go or any other video game, to make use of current technology in marketing is a step closer to the future. By doing this, expect to see stories and the like on augmented reality by walking by schools.

Live Streaming

Social media marketing is happening, but former ways to make it happen are still a thing. The blend of new and old methods. Be prepared to see lots of live streaming about sign ups and events in your feed about schools.


To write blogs about education doesn’t necessarily have to be something dull to look at. Therefore, having a blog section is nothing but a boost to the institution’s information. By adding a blog section into a school web page, one can easily be in touch with their personnel in a more personal way, and when it comes to marketing, communication is key.

Knowing all this, higher education marketing strategies are not going to be the same from now on, and that’s a good thing.

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